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Why does it always seem that machines break down when we need them the most? During the heat of summer, people often run their air conditioners at full tilt, day after day. This taxes a unit which has worn out or dirty parts and can often lead to the unit shutting down.

It is easy to forget how hot the weather can get in summer in Mission Viejo. During the spring when the weather is fine, you may find the temperatures so moderate and comfortable that you don’t have the need to run your heater or air conditioner. Summer though is just around the corner.

Not only will the temperature soar but so will your electricity bill, especially if you are running an air conditioner sadly in need of a tune-up. Imagine hosting a summer party and suddenly your unit breaks down. Even with all your windows open, portable fans blowing in every room, and a pitcher of ice cold lemonade at the ready, on a truly hot day in Orange County you won’t be able to find relief. And if one of your family members is in frail health, then a broken air conditioner can be disastrous. As we all know, dehydration from heat can take its toll.

Because many people wait until something breaks down before they have it serviced, summer is a busy time of year for ac technicians. Beat the crowds, have your ac serviced before the heat arrives.

Most people don’t realize that an air conditioner will lose efficiency if it is not cared for. Just as your car requires regular maintenance to keep running smoothly so does your air conditioner. It is best to have an expert technician give your unit an annual check-up. And what better time of the year than spring to get ready for the sultry days of summer.

If you have a spring cleaning checklist then just add your air conditioner to it. A good ac technician won’t just give your unit a needed cleaning, he will determine the health of your cooling system. To address all issues, a tune-up must be thorough. A technician will check the condenser coil. A coil that is dirty will cause the unit’s refrigerant pressure to rise, which in turn causes your electric bill to rise. A technician will measure your refrigerant charge and adjust it accordingly, which is another money saver. The unit’s wiring, relays and contactors, and the crankcase heater will also be inspected. A non-operational crankcase heater can cause the compressor to fail. Cleaning, lubrication, calibrating thermostats and the replacement of broken or worn parts are all part of a beneficial tune-up.

You will see lower electricity bills if your air conditioner is running smoothly. You will keep yourself and your guests comfortable. Why flirt with disaster? If you have your unit serviced in spring you can head into the heat of summer with confidence.

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